The power of data

How AI can help you making better decisions with data-driven insights.
Inoopa defines company activities by using AI advanced technologies to get insights or actionables.

Target accurately & segment reliably.

Gain in-depth knowledge of businesses and ecosystems
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Sectoral classification

93% correct identification of company activity & look-alikes.

Semantic search

No limitation in keywords.


20% of phone numbers are mobile (vs 5% on the market).

Best solutions for you.

Inoopa provides different models to meet your business needs

Data enrichment

Firstly, sectoral classification correction, keywords, phones, look-alikes, name matching.

Lead generation

Secondly, high-quality leads based on keywords, filters and semantic analysis.


Thirdly, daily recalculation of best NACE codes to act at the right time.

Let's get started!

In short, we will be happy to answer your questions and give you all the information you need, whether it is about our products, the methodology we have adopted, a quotation request or for any other topics.

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