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Access the most relevant B2B database in Belgium to do strategic prospection among 1.3 million companies.

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Get qualified leads in the blink of an eye

Wink is the search engine for salespeople. Type in keywords that match the specific activity of your prospects. Circular economy? Drones? Ecommerce? No problem. Inoopa has indexed and analyzed all available content on Belgian companies to develop a semantic search engine dedicated to prospecting.

Save time and maximize your sales

Finding new prospects is one of the hardest tasks assigned to a sales rep. That is probably why 89.9% of companies use two or more sources of contact data to fulfill the needs of sales development (Gartner, Sales Development Technology). Stop wasting time and boost your reps’ productivity by giving them access to the most relevant B2B database of Belgium.

Why trust Inoopa's data ?

Actionable data on 1,3 million Belgian companies.

Reliable data

Inoopa provides only up-to-date and verified data through a permanent 3-step validation process.

Accurate data

Inoopa provides highly accurate activity detection and NACE code correction using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Legal data

All contact information such as phone numbers, emails and addresses provided by Inoopa are GDPR compliant.

Analyzed companies
Activity keywords
"We want to change the lives of salespeople and their prospects"

In a climate of over-solicitation, capturing attention for your company is a challenge. The commercial efforts to be deployed are consequent and have a human as well as a financial impact.

Not to mention the GDPR, which, in the context of legitimate interest, requires that you only solicit prospects who are truly likely to buy your products or services.

Relevance is the only valid answer. You know the profile of your ideal customers and we have developed the search engine to help you find them.

This will make your salespeople’s life easier, while increasing your sales.

Jean-Pol Boone & Jean-Noël Chamart
Co-founders of Inoopa

Some milestones of our adventure...
MARCH 2016

Jean-Pol Boone and Jean-Noël Chamart found Inoopa.

JUNE 2016

Noshaq invests €250K to support Inoopa development.


Launch of automated e-commerce opportunity reports.

MAY 2017

Inoopa wins the Innovation Award at the BeCommerce Awards.


Inoopa is elected Startup of the Year 2017 at Digital First.

MARCH 2018

Launch of a new data enrichment service.


Innoviris supports the R&D project of semantic analysis of enriched data.


Application of semantic analysis to the identification of business activities.

MARCH 2022

Launch of Wink, a SaaS lead generation platform.

The people behind the data

We are always looking for a good mix between artificial and human intelligence 😉

Romain Dumont
Sébastien Goldberg
Full Stack Developer
Richard Mathot
Richard Mathot
DevOps Lead Engineer
Romain Dumont
Romain Dumont
Nathan De Pryck
Nathan De Pryck
Software Engineer
shirah cashriel
Shirah Cashriel
Software Engineer
What makes Inoopa data unique?

After 2 years of research and development, Inoopa was able to index and analyze all available content on Belgian companies. Thanks to more than 200K keywords, you can do very precise searches, far beyond sectors and NACE codes selections.

On average, a sales rep spends almost 1/3 of his time looking for companies to prospect. Wink, the search engine for salespeople, allows you to generate a list of hyper-targeted prospects in 5 minutes. Fill your sales pipeline in the blink of an eye and save 1 week per month per sales person.


Our database contains all the companies but also all the self-employed in Belgium, i.e. more than 1,3 million indexed companies.


In addition to numerous filters on the location, size, or sector, you can search by keywords for an even more precise segmentation.


By spending more time on your sales efforts directed at prospects that are very close to your ideal customers, your conversion will dramatically improve.


Inoopa is a One Stop Shop that will not only provide you with a list of companies to prospect but also contact information (email and phone).

Frequently Asked Questions
Get all the important answers from here

Yes, by going to the link you can create a free account, you will have unlimited access to the search bar as well as 25 monthly credits.

A credit allows you to download all the standard information of a company you are targeting thanks to our Wink tool. With 200 credits, you can for example download 200 companies, including their legal data, corrected business sectors as well as company phone numbers and emails. Need direct contacts to decision makers? You can also add all decision makers and their contact details with extra credit.

You can think of Wink as the Google of businesses. Traditional methods require you to target your searches by officially listed sectors, such as the computer programming sector. With Wink, you can be much more precise by selecting companies via any keyword, such as artificial intelligence. More precise, and therefore also more qualitative!

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When artificial intelligence allows data to emerge for political decision-making

Increase your leads while considering your environmental impact.

Telling you why and how we created Inoopa, that’s what this article is all about.

But what does it actually mean to work for Inoopa?

Are you putting a lot of effort into acquisition, but not achieving great results?

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