Checklist: 5 tips for smart acquisition in 2022

Checklist: 5 tips for smart acquisition in 2022

Are you putting a lot of effort into acquisition, but not achieving great results? Do you notice that the prospects you attract do not represent quality leads? Do you believe it is time to refresh your acquisition techniques, but you have no idea where to start? By combining the 5 tips from our team and our acquisition tool powered by artificial intelligence, you will (finally) achieve quality results! We will explain it further below.

Checklist: 5 tips for smart acquisition in 2022

1. To improve your acquisition you should personalise your pitch!

While pitching to a client, you notice that you are repeating yourself. Your pitch is no longer as compelling as before. Do not worry too much about it. This is the time to customise your sales pitch and focus on the individual client. Show them you are interested in them and that you are familiar with their needs. Then demonstrate how you can address this and do so in a clear and comprehensive way.

2. Convincing a client by ending at the right time

In order to convert a prospect into a lead, and a lead into a client, it is essential to understand their limits. This is where your instincts and your abilities are put to the test.  If you end too soon, the client might not yet have sufficient information to take the plunge. If you end too late, he/she may have become bored by your story and have no desire to take any further steps. Therefore you should know when to expect the best signs!

3. A prospect database you can trust

In order to approach the right prospects (i.e. those who are most likely to be your ideal customers), you need an up-to-date, complete and accurate database (Inoopa‘s customers know why). In addition to saving valuable time, an up-to-date database also provides a summary of current relations and enables you to search for specific information by using filters.

4. Combine human networking with new technologies

You might be a talented entrepreneur and easy to talk to, but that’s not enough in the age of big data. Obtaining and generating leads can still be done in the traditional sense of networking (including social media), telephone or video calls, e-mails and newsletters. However, data acquired and processed by artificial intelligence allows for more direct leads, which might offer better quality… And it’s faster, too!

5. Try artificial intelligence!

We have good news for you! We at Inoopa have gathered the best profiles to create a new acquisition and lead generation tool that will meet your exact needs. The goal? Identifying companies and their activities with seemingly surgical precision. How? By combining artificial intelligence (AI) and (our) human expertise for greater effectiveness.

Our tool does not limit itself to selections based on the NACE code of companies (which, incidentally, is often incorrect or inaccurate), as a conventional search engine would do. The tool also includes the entire semantic dimension (keyword search), analyses the content that companies publish online (blogs, social media, web pages, etc.) and identifies a maximum of potential prospects for your business. A unique technology. For unique data. A type of Google for businesses. That’s what Inoopa is.

So do you want to dedicate 2022 to a new form of acquisition? Then you know where to find us.

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