Working at Inoopa in 4 perspectives
Working at Inoopa in 4 perspectives

The startup Inoopa, established in 2016, has ample ambitions and is steadily expanding its activities internationally. But what does it actually mean to work for Inoopa?

Working at Inoopa in 4 perspectives
Yes to peer coaching, no to individualism

Forget about large egos, we prefer to rely on collective intelligence,” says Jean-Pol Boone, Inoopa’s founder. Well, the tone is set. In the world of data, the adventure has only just begun. The idea is to use peer coaching: a system in which everyone shares their skills and picks up skills from others, so that ultimately the overall knowledge of the team as a whole is developed. “We value atypical, curious and adventurous profiles, those who do not claim to have the truth and are capable of identifying opportunities.” Efficiency over vanity: the approachable management knows that it too can gain a lot from the employees.

Early birds and night owls welcome

We do not have a punch clock at Inoopa. “We do not focus on the hours,” says Thomas Nadaud, COO. Everyone has their own style of work, their own biorhythm so to speak, and the startup is definitely happy to accept this. Are you more of an early bird or a night owl? Don’t worry: both are welcome, in the hopes that they will eventually meet by the coffee machine. The main thing? Getting the work done and above all, done well. The COO adds: “Our goal is to deliver quality by employing a skilled workforce.”

Boundless offices

Another important issue for Inoopa concerns the working environment. The offices at a co-working location in Brussels are designed to be fun, inspiring and make everyone feel at home. However, you are not required to be in the office 5 days a week. “We are working more and more remotely and with an increasingly multinational team,” Jean-Pol Boone explains. “We applaud the idea of professional nomadism: if our employees want to work in the sun and take a dip in the ocean after switching off their computer, why not? If that makes them happy, it will certainly also increase their motivation.” Incidentally, one of Inoopa’s projects is the design of containers, which can be placed in the nature surrounding Spa and in which employees can work amidst the greenery. They can even bring their families over. Inoopa also believes it is important to maintain a good balance between private and professional affairs.

A question of common sense?

Inoopa’s mission is clear: using artificial intelligence to accurately identify the activities of companies. ” We can then establish a link to their carbon footprint, their dependency on water… We also want to use this data for education and to raise awareness,” says Jean-Pol Boone. After all, the green revolution is part of Inoopa’s core values. For the festive season, Inoopa’s partners have refrained from the traditional ‘made in China’ goodies and have instead invested in a plot of land in Madagascar to support a project on biodiversity.

Are you a talent in sales, dev or data science? Are you not afraid of English abbreviations and do you like to drink coffee? Do you like this brief introduction to Inoopa? Send us your CV!

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