Do you know Inoopa (or not)?

Do you know Inoopa (or not)?

Telling you why our name is Inoopa would not be very interesting. Telling you why and how we created Inoopa, that’s what this article is all about. As a small company with (already) big references, we are committed to creating real human relationships with our customers in a world of data. So today, we get out of the data and show you the backstage of our start-up, from its inception to its ambitions. The rest, it’s by here!

Do you know Inoopa (or not)?

A little bit of our story

The Inoopa adventure began in 2016, when our two founders, Jean-Pol Boone and Jean-Noël Chamart, following an initial idea, noticed the undeniable: company data, in all fields, is often wrong, incomplete or inaccurate. For example, 63% of the Nace codes declared by companies are currently false and irrelevant.

“Entrepreneurs in the soul and long-time business partners, Jean-Noël and I immediately wanted to find a solution that would rectify this. You can’t imagine how many companies could increase their sales force and results if their data were better managed. So we decided to help them do that.”

Jean-Pol Boone, CEO of Inoopa


With the help of other data enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, our team gradually built a product that would meet the needs of both large and small businesses for quality data.

Our mission, our ambitions

This is why Inoopa was born! Together, we have set ourselves the mission of helping all companies, as well as freelancers, to enrich their data in an intelligent way and to take advantage of this data by mixing artificial intelligence and human expertise, while ensuring data quality, reliability and security. With Inoopa, our customers easily obtain original, qualitative and actionable data to improve their prospecting and results.

“In 2021, we have reached 93% correct identification of business activity in Belgium. And this is just the beginning! With our semantic analysis technology (i.e. keyword research), we are able to provide very accurate data. As trends and markets evolve, our data become more and more relevant. Of course, we don’t intend to stop there.”

Jean-Noël Chamart, CMO of Inoopa

Our unique technology

True customer search engine, our platform searches, correlates, checks and combines companies’ legal and financial data with semantic data, i.e. the content they publish on the Web (blog posts, pages of their website, social networks, etc.)

This combination of correlations and our trademark keyword research provides you with data that is unmatched in the market, allowing you to target your ideal prospects even more accurately and qualitatively and improve your business results.

Human Values + Advanced Technology
Technology is great. But at Inoopa, we are first and foremost people. As entrepreneurs, we know the realities of the field, we understand the needs and take advantage of the power of digital technologies to seize all the opportunities. Our values and the friendliness that animates us every day, in our team and with our customers, (yes, we are really nice) reinforce the richness and skills of our team. And what a team it is.
Our team
We are 10 employees with very different skills and characters, from data scientist to commercial profile. What brings us together? It’s our ambition, our motivation to always look for new opportunities. For Inoopa, and for its customers. It’s continuing to cultivate human relationships in a world where they often take a back seat. It’s about the values we share, the desire to have a positive impact on the world’s future. It’s about riding the waves and anticipating the next ones. It’s our challenge to help you make yours.
Would you like to try Inoopa to generate leads?

Because we want to convince you (and we thank you for having read this article so far), we offer you 25 free leads to test our platform! Interested? Register here or contact us.

You'll see how cool Inoopa is! (nothing to do with our logo.)

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