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With climate change, the sustainability of businesses is being questioned. At Inoopa, we decided to help companies increase their leads while considering their environmental impact. How do we do this? Through semantic analysis

Fighting forest fires with semantic analysis? It is possible!

With the increasing number of forest fires, isn’t it urgent to consider the necessary sustainability of companies? What if we told you that business sustainability and increasing your leads can be combined? We explain how!

When reality forces us to rethink the sustainability of companies

700,000, that’s the number of hectares already gone up in smoke in the European Union in 2022. By way of comparison, this represents an area roughly equivalent to Switzerland and Belgium combined. Across the Atlantic, McKinney, the largest fire in California this year, burned 50,000 hectares of vegetation. What about here? This summer, forest fires broke out in Libramont, Louvain-la-Neuve and Aywaille. And according to the specialists, this situation will unfortunately increase with time. This raises the question of the sustainability of our societies.

Corporate sustainability: when some don’t play the game

Therefore, what solutions can we adopt to face these unprecedented situations? Ideas are sprouting everywhere, some more unlikely than others. Like a Texas startup, Climate4Good, which suggests growing trees in the metaverse. According to its founder, Gary Gross, planting trees in the metaverse would cost nothing, unlike real trees, which require maintenance. Aberrant, isn’t it? 

In reality, some behaviors are also beyond comprehension. Like the use of private jets which pollute 10 times more than a classic flight and 50 times more than a train trip. At the beginning of September, the Paris Saint-Germain soccer team flew from Paris to Nantes to play a soccer match. When asked about this during a press conference, Kylian Mbappe and his coach Christophe Galtier responded with a laugh that caused a tidal wave of reactions. For his part, Lionel Messi has made 52 trips by private jet for a release of 1502 tons of CO2, or as much as a Frenchman in 150 years. This highlights the perception of some celebrities or wealthy people who do not seem to care about the climate issue that their actions entail. But it also leads to a growing public revolt against this type of behavior. Sustainability of companies, brands and celebrities seems to be an increasingly important criteria.

Semantic analysis to increase your leads

Is the sustainability of the companies you collaborate with important to you too? In your relationships with your partners, your company can indeed decide to engage in discussions with actors who orient their activities towards a more sustainable society. A way for everyone to act at their own level.

At Inoopa, we have designed a tool to help you in your collaboration choices. How can we do this? By correcting the NACE codes of the companies listed in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises, thanks to its search engine based on artificial intelligence and semantic analysis.

In this way, we propose to increase your lists of highly qualified prospects corresponding to your sector of activity. We have even gone further by evaluating the environmental impact and sustainability of the companies listed by sector of activity. With this data in your possession, it is now possible for you to know more precisely your B2B partners and their environmental impacts. 

Want to test this?  Create a free sample of 25 highly qualified prospects to check the relevance of our data. To judge our tool by yourself, go here:

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