Data Enrichment

Inoopa proposes unique B2B solutions that will influence decisions and results.

NACE correction, look-alikes, keywords activities, circular economy tag, web shop tag will guide Inoopa’s clients to better anticipate risks, increase return on investments in marketing campaigns, and to finally identify companies segments that are not classified in the current NACE codes.

Key benefits.

How Inoopa is committed to delivering the highest level of satisfaction of companies’ activities


Inoopa guarantees the highest level of accuracy on companies' activity with a SLA of 93%, providing high quality of derived data such as Look-alikes, Activities Keywords.

Unique Data

Thanks to its technology based on artificial intellignece, Inoopa is able to detect specific terms in B2B companies. That's why Inoopa is able to propose unique data like Webshops, companies running business in Circular Economy, etc


Inoopa guarantees that all data are GDPR compliant and free of use.

Key insights:

1 %

% of NACE are wrong or irrelevant 

1 %

of B2B databases need updates

1 %

Minimum Accuracy Level guaranteed

Research company information and enrich records

Technology behind Inoopa

Inoopa uses artificial intelligence to achieve its level of quality. Especially useful to address the market of the SME's, Inoopa analyses hundreds of sources to detect the companies' activities.

Correction and Updates

Inoopa guarantees qualitative B2B information thanks to its regular updates.

Identify and fix incorrect or outdated information, and add new fields of interest
Create detailed profiles to identify anomalies


Depending on the number of companies and activated options, Inoopa charges a monthly subscription, including the updates. No set-up, no extra charge : it's clear and transparent. Inoopa also proposes a proof of concept model for new clients.

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