Data enrichment

Help your sales and marketing teams succeed by using company information that is cleaned and reliable.

Boost data value

Key benefits.

How Inoopa is committed to delivering the highest level of satisfaction to support and achieve your goals.


The unique combination of process excellence and capabilities of our platform ensures high-quality results of accurate and precise data.


Customised data deliveries to meet every need, coupled with highly creative and relevant insights (tag clouds, optimisation...)


Deep expertise and capacities to handle a growing amount of data analytics tasks on datasets for executing machine learning models.

Case study: Banking

1 %
Correct NACE codes (vs 37% initially)
1 %
Name matching on transactions
1 %
Mobile numbers delivered (vs 10% on the market)
Research company information and enrich records

Collect and enrich

Research company information from various sources and based on Inoopa's own insights. And enrich records with data points that are missing (eg. lookalikes, best NACE codes, company keywords, name matching...)

Correct and optimise

Identify and fix incorrect or outdated information with fresh and reliable data (NACE codes, phone numbers...) and add new fields of interest. Delivery of insights and actionables.

Identify and fix incorrect or outdated information, and add new fields of interest
Create detailed profiles to identify anomalies

Detect fraud

You may need more information about your customers to detect fraud and make your business more efficient. We typically create detailed profiles to identify anomalies (i.e. banking or insurance industry).

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Different models to keep your data accurate, fresh and enriched.

Lead generation

Optimise your inbound marketing strategy.


Detect and track everyday to target at the right moment.