Lead generation

Inoopa detected real activities of all B2B population. It provides an unique search tool with best contact details in phone and emails.

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Keyword Search

Covering 100% of companies and self-employed, Inoopa has no limit to request (i.e. "sustainability", "e-health", "robotics", "e-commerce",...) and delivers the best of B2B data : corrected NACE, most relevant contact details (best phone / best email / best address).

Import of Database to generate leads

Some clients use Inoopa and its automatic detection of companies' activities to generate look-alikes. An easy Thanks to automatic activities' detection, Inoopa provides qualitative derived data such as Look-alikes.

Financial Information

On top of our data, Inoopa proposes additional financial information coming from external data providers like Trends Top Information or Graydon.

The sharpest innovation serving lead generation.


1 %

Conversion rate on specific targets

1 %

Connexion rate on Phone numbers after 1 attempt

1 %

Open Rate of Emails

Best phone numbers correcting irrelevant ones

Best Contact Details

Inoopa delivers prospection lists sorted by most active phone numbers (mobile and fixed line phones), emails, Facebook pages, website, Google My Business, LinkedIn pages, so that its clients can activate best contact details.

GDPR compliant

While not sharing personal data with its customers and partners, Inoopa algorithms treat semantic & public data, and enrich it with third parties database related to decision makers, in respect with GDPR regulations.

Treat semantic and public data, and enrich it with third parties database in respect with GDPR regulations
Deliver customised and detailed files

Detailed export file

Inoopa delivers files in .csv, or any CRM connector (Salesforce etc)...

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