B2B Data Enrichment

Add value to your data with valuable insights
B2B Data Enrichment
Exclusive B2B insights powered by AI

Inoopa uses artificial intelligence to achieve its high level of quality. Especially useful to address the market of the SME’s, Inoopa analyses +1 million data sources to detect  companies’ activities and other actionable insights.

Key Benefits
Add value to your data with confidence

Inoopa guarantees the highest level of accuracy on companies’ activity with a SLA of 93%, providing high quality of derived data such as Look-alikes, Activities Keywords.

Unique Insights

Thanks to its technology powered by artificial intelligence, Inoopa is able to propose unique data like Webshops, companies running business in Circular Economy, etc

GDPR Compliant

All contact information such as phone numbers, emails and addresses provided by Inoopa are GDPR compliant and can be used without concern to fill the blanks in your CRM / ERP.

Correct, complete and reliable
Get comprehensive data on all Belgian companies

NACE correction, look-alikes, keywords activities, circular economy tag, web shop tag will help you better anticipate risks, increase return on investments in marketing campaigns, and to finally identify companies segments that are not efficiently classified by current NACE codes.

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Key insights

The NACE classification is one of the major causes of dissatisfaction among Crossroads Bank for Enterprises users*

of NACE codes are wrong or irrelevant
of B2B databases need updates
of NACE codes corrected by Inoopa are relevant
* Source : Rapport d’enquête quantitative – BCE, Nov. 2020
** Source : Inoopa Accuracy Study, June 2021
Get started
Here is our current 4 steps process
We meet

The objective of this first step is to understand your problematic and the objectives you are looking for in order to see how we can best help you achieve them.

We present

We explain our solution and financial conditions. Depending on the number of companies and choosen options, Inoopa charges a monthly fee, including the updates. No setup, no extra charge : it’s clear and transparent.

We deliver

Depending on your preferences, we deliver all the data in batch or we give you access to our web service (API). We often proposes a proof of concept model for new clients, in this case we only deliver a data sample.

We support

An account manager is available to assist you in case of technical problem and ensure that the data provided is to your satisfaction throughout the contract.

mission and vision
We’re constantly refining our product
Innovation Award
BeCommerce Awards
Startup of the Year
Digital First
Innovative Project

If you don’t move forward, you move backward. This is the motto of our researchers’ team who doesn’t rest on their laurels.

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